SOCNAV: Degree Programs for the Navy

How to Get a Degree with a SOCNAV College

  • Go to your Navy College Office or contact the Virtual Education Center as applicable.
  • Decide on a program of study from a SOCNAV college and apply for admission. This is your home college.
  • Request a SOCNAV Student Agreement. (Home college must issue by 6 semester hours.)
  • Send official transcripts to your home college (e.g., military, testing, other colleges).
  • Continue to complete the degree requirements listed on your SOCNAV Student Agreement.
  • Complete academic residency (usually 25% of the degree) with your home college.
  • Send additional transcripts back to your home college after taking transfer courses, nationally-recognized exams, or receiving more credit for military training and experience.
  • Complete all degree requirements and confirm their completion with your home college.
  • Apply for graduation.