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Post-publication updates of participating colleges and the Transferability Tables listing guaranteed-transfer courses can be found in the SOC DNS Tools area of this Web site. But for detailed instructions on using the Transferability Tables, please see Chapter 8 in the Handbooks themselves.

SOC Degree Network System-2 Handbook — Fall 2014

SOC Degree Network System-4 Handbook — Fall 2014

SOC Degree Network System Credit Evaluation Supplement published July, 15, 2014 contains tables designed to match subject area terms contained in service school and occupational exhibits in the ACE Military Guide, ACE-recommended credit for national testing programs, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) courses, and DANTES Independent Study Catalog Course Codes/Subject Areas to SOC DNS Course Categories. The Supplement is written for an audience of education professionals.


SOCMAR Brochure provides an overview of the program. Refer to this Web site for the most current version.

Spouses Brochure provides information for military spouses seeking degrees.

News Bulletins

SOCMAR Update contains program management information for the college and military educators who use the SOC Marine Corps Degree Network System.

SOCMAR Update – August 2008

SOCMAR Update – January 2008


College Request to Join SOCMAR Form Note: Do not use this form unless approval from the Service has been obtained.

Handbook College Information Page Instructions

SOC Degree Program Student Agreement Form & Instructions for Completion

SOC DNS Student Agreement Form

Associate Degree Model Fall 2014

Bachelor’s Degree Model Fall 2014