Marine Corps Career Colleges Program (MCCCP)

“Getting the education you deserve is only two clicks away.”

The Marine Corps Career Colleges Program (MCCCP) expands the range of educational opportunities available to Marines by providing quality degrees from SOCMAR member institutions that have been matched by the Corps to specific Marine Occupational Fields.

MCCCP institutions are committed to assisting Marines with their educational goals. Using the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations, SOCMAR institutions award the maximum credit possible for military training and occupational experience without compromising the academic integrity of the degree.

The Marine Corps designed the MCCCP to meet every type of student’s needs from those interested in simply starting a certificate to those hoping to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree. So, getting started is as easy as “clicking” on a primary MOS. Once there, a list of the chosen institutions along with approved degree programs are available for review. A second “click” on any of the links leads to the chosen institution’s fully-developed degree map.

The MCCCP is an on-going venture. Please continue to check back as new MOS areas are being developed every week.

01 Personnel and Administration

02 Intelligence

03 Infantry

05 Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Plans

30 Supply Administration and Operation

33 Food Services

34 Financial Management

35 Motor Services

40 Data Systems

44 Legal Services

48 Career Recruiter

58 Military Police and Corrections