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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SOC Degree Network System?

What are the SOC Degree Network System Handbooks?

What can I study?

What if I can’t attend regular classes?

Why not just take courses from any college?

Why is a Student Agreement important?

Will all my previously earned credits be accepted when I enroll in a SOC Degree Network System degree program?

Does a Student Agreement obligate me to anything?

What does a Student Agreement cost?

What is academic residency?

Should I request a new Student Agreement when I transfer to my next duty assignment or take courses at a different college?

Can I take courses from any SOC Degree Network System institution and transfer them to my home college?

How does the SOC Degree Network System guarantee course transfer?

What happens if I decide to switch schools or degree programs?

What happens if I leave the military before graduating?

Can my family benefit from SOCAD?

How can I get financial assistance for my studies?