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SOCAD Army Career Degrees Overview

Army Career Degrees take SOCAD to a new level of degree specificity. They advance the SOCAD concept by more thoroughly and comprehensively articulating degree options directly related to Soldiers military occupational specialties. Colleges and universities offering these degrees guarantee the award of specified credit based on learning in military service school courses and Army workplace experience. Army Career Degrees capitalize on distance learning opportunities that are increasingly important in soldier development in both military training and voluntary education.

The Army Career Degree Program translates Army training into college credit that matches requirements in MOS-related college degrees. They show Soldiers precise options for meeting college requirements with Army training, in the classrooms of more than 100 SOCAD colleges, or by distance learning, testing, certification, and professional licensure. Army Career Degree (ACD) plans, specialized degree maps, currently exist for more than 95 MOSs, and new ones are being developed - check this Web site for updates.

Printed copies of the SOCAD Army Career Degree plans are distributed during AIT and/or Advanced Leader schools of the MOSs for which they are available. See Army Career Degree Plans Listed by Career Management Field (CMF) and Army Career Degrees Listed by College.

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SOCAD Army Career Degree Program booklet is intended primarily for counselors but with sections that also may be useful to Soldiers. A Frequently Asked Questions section is included in the booklet. Since the Army Career Degree Program is constantly evolving, refer to this Web site for the most current version.

SOCAD Army Career Degree brochure provides an overview of the program. Refer to this Web site for the most current version.

Army Career Plan Development Process shows a schematic about how a SOCAD Army Career Plan is developed.

Earn a Degree Through the SOCAD Army Career Degree Program illustrates how Soldiers can enroll in an occupational-based degree matched to their MOS.

SOCAD Army Career Degree Program FAQ answers to many questions pertaining to the SOCAD Army Career Degree Program.