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Civilian Jobs Related to Military Occupational Codes

Many servicemembers have acquired technical expertise and highly marketable career-related skills during their military service. Upon leaving military service, they seek civilian jobs or educational programs that are directly related to their military occupational specialty in order to continue in that occupational career field.

The Multi-State Military Collaborative on Military Credit (MCMC) utilized the services of Solutions for Information Design, LLC (SOLID) to compile data and create a resource intended for use by MCMC states in identifying the civilian jobs related to military occupations and the number of servicemembers in these occupations. The resource also provides a wealth of information to transitional servicemembers about their career options in the civilian workforce.

The final product of SOLID’s work for MCMC are two files, All MOCs to O-NETS and Healthcare MOCs to O-NETs, which identify information about military specialties—expressed as Military Occupation Codes (MOCS), and their corresponding civilian occupations—expressed as O-NET Codes (The Department of Labor’s Civilian Occupational Information System).

All MOCs to O-NETS includes certain types of information about all military specialties. The MOC Codes by O-NET worksheet (or tab) in this workbook lists the Military Occupation Codes (MOCS) and the civilian occupation to which they are most closely aligned. Servicemembers and veterans can gain more information about the civilian occupation and labor market by researching the O-NET code within the Department of Labor’s resources. The O-Nets and National Civilian Labor Market Information worksheet (tab) contains detailed national civilian labor market information (LMI) for each of the related O-NET codes. State labor market information for the O-NET codes is available through the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Healthcare MOCs to O-NETs includes certain types of information specifically about military healthcare specialties. The first spreadsheet of each of the workbooks summarizes the content of that workbook.

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