SOC Degree Network System Tools

Guaranteed-Transfer Courses

The Guaranteed-Transfer Courses tool will help college and military counselors find courses that are guaranteed to transfer back to a student’s Home College. If you understand the key features of SOC DNS Course Category Codes and transferability, including “Before” dates, please proceed. If not, read Chapter 5 of the appropriate Handbook below:

SOC Degree Network System-2 Handbook – Chapter 5

SOC Degree Network System-4 Handbook – Chapter 5

Note: The data that appear on this Web site may be more current than the last published Handbooks.

Step 1:

Select either Associate or Bachelor’s Degree Home Colleges below to view a list of schools that offer guaranteed-transfer courses within the selected degree designation.

Current DNS Core members for a degree type are in plain text and past Core members are in italics.
(Past DNS Core members are included for historical reference and agree to honor Student Agreements that were issued prior to the college’s removal, but no longer have guaranteed-transfer for courses not yet taken.)

Note: If the Home College you’re searching for is not listed here, it does not have any current or recent guaranteed-transfer courses.

Step 2:

Click on the name of a listed school to access an index of that school’s guaranteed-transfer courses within the selected degree designation.

Associate Degree Home Colleges
Bachelor’s Degree Home Colleges