SOC Degree Network System Tools

SOC Degree Network system Tools

The DNS Tools area is an advising resource for college representatives, military counselors, and students. Here you will find the following information:

  • The “Colleges” section contains links to colleges that participate in the SOCAD (Army), SOCNAV (Navy), SOCMAR (Marine Corps), and SOCCOAST (Coast Guard) DNS programs to offer associate and bachelor’s degrees to servicemembers and their family members worldwide.
  • The “Networks” section contains lists of degree areas (e.g., General and Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, Business Administration) that are available in each DNS program, and identifies those with guaranteed transferability of coursework.
  • The “Guaranteed-Transfer Courses” section lists courses applicable to DNS degrees that are guaranteed to transfer back to the student’s home college in place of specific home-college courses. (This section is designed for use by college representatives and military counselors.)